Types Of Garden Lights

Types Of Garden Lights | A soothing retreat with lush greenery, a beautiful garden is a sight to behold . Combined with the perfect lighting and good placement , you will be the talk of the neighbourhood . While they are many options available as far as garden lightning goes , the following are the most common and popular ones .

Types Of Garden Lights

Types Of Garden Lights

The main types of lights used for gardens are deck light , LED garden lights , underwater lights and recessed lights .

Up Lighting

Angle it to the branches or place it at the bottom of a tree . Use more than one light to get the desired effect .

Types Of Garden Lights

Path Lighting

This type is used generally to brighten narrow walkways , pathways an stairs . The options of the lighting here can be on one side or both sides . 

Specialist Lighting 

Besides the main lighting effects , there's an array of specialist light fittings that comprise pond and underwater lighting which breathes life to your garden's water region .

Down Lighting

A soft shadow artistic effect is exuded from behind an object to portray it tastefully . It can be used to light a wall , fence or plants in the foreground .


Used largely to emphasise sculptures , water features and specimen plants , highlight with one or more lights until you achieve the desired affect .


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